The upcoming film is an adaptation of well-established comic book characters from SPOOF! MEDIA LTD, originally published under the SPOOF COMICS imprint.

These comics have gained a global following since their launch in 2018, and one of their titles, STRIKEGUARD, was recognized as the 8th best African-based comic in the world in 2018.

HERO CORPS unites these characters, allowing them to join forces as a team in an extraordinary superhero saga.


Coming from different backgrounds and with unique super powers, 4 African super heroes must unite  in Lagos, Nigeria and fight to send back ESU ELEGBARA the Dark Lord who is set to bring back the ancient carnage of war, patriarchy and death upon the earth.

Running Time:         80 minutes

Format:            2D animation (Frame by frame)

Genre:                 Action Adventure Fantasy

Target Audience:    18+ 

Language:    English/Pidgin

Production Studio:   SPOOF MEDIA


AGE: 24
Abolaji COKER is an ordinary 24-year-old young man living in the vibrant city of Lagos. Little did he know that his life would take an extraordinary turn when he encountered the legendary Ajagbeja, an ancient warrior from Yoruba mythology. Making a solemn oath with Ajagbeja, Abolaji gained incredible superhuman abilities, transforming into the mighty StrikeGuard.
Personality: Abolaji is a determined and resilient individual, constantly striving to find his purpose in life. After completing his university education and the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), he finds himself at a crossroads, seeking stability and a meaningful career. Additionally, he must navigate the complexities of his relationship with Chichi, the love of his life, as he endeavors to balance his personal and superhero life.


BACKGROUND: Kazeem ISMAILA, is known as BOXSA, the heroic figure of his impoverished neighborhood. Despite the hardships he faces, Kazeem is driven by a deep sense of justice and a desire to bring peace to his community. His remarkable abilities stem from an ancient magical arm band, a precious heirloom passed down to him by his grandfather. With this mystical artifact, BOXSA fights tirelessly to protect and uplift his neighborhood.
PERSONAL LIFE: As a father, Kazeem faces the challenge of balancing his superhero duties with his responsibilities to his family. He is a devoted and caring father, striving to provide a better life for his loved ones. However, his heroic endeavors often leave him struggling to make ends meet, unable to fulfill his family’s needs.
DILEMMA: BOXSA finds himself at a crossroads when a tempting opportunity presents itself. The enigmatic Dream-maker offers him a chance to change his circumstances drastically, providing a path to quick wealth and a brighter future for his family. Kazeem must grapple with the decision of whether to prioritize his personal needs or continue his selfless heroism in his impoverished community.

Enobong IYANG

PERSONALITY: Enobong is an introverted and solitary individual, preferring the company of her own thoughts and the realms of the spirit world. As a loner, she has always felt a deep connection to the supernatural, often finding herself navigating the intricate landscapes of the spirit realms and possessing the extraordinary ability to open inter-dimensional portals.

BACKGROUND: As an orphan, Enobong has lived a life shrouded in mystery. She never knew her parents, and from a young age, she discovered she possessed supernatural powers. Despite her tumultuous upbringing, she finds solace within the confines of the university environment, blending in as a seemingly ordinary student. However, she harbors a remarkable secret – she serves as the guardian of an ancient spirit portal and possesses a divine NECKLACE of great power.

Yinusa DAWAL

BACKGROUND: Yinusa Dawal is a wealthy tech billionaire driven by a personal tragedy. He creates an advanced technological suit that grants him extraordinary abilities, transforming him into the formidable VANTAGE. Motivated by the abduction of his wife, which he suspects is the work of the notorious Council of Five, Yinusa embarks on a relentless quest to track down those responsible and bring them to justice.
STORY ARC: After years of tireless searching and numerous encounters with the organized mob, VANTAGE begins to realize that the Council of Five has much grander plans than he initially suspected. Uncovering their secret agenda, he discovers their intent to trigger a spiritual awakening that could reshape the world as we know it.
ALLIANCE WITH DETECTIVE SHEENA MOORE: In his pursuit of the truth, VANTAGE forms an unlikely partnership with Detective Sheena Moore, a paranormal shapeshifter with exceptional investigative skills. Together, they delve deeper into the workings of the Council of Five and unveil their true objective—to bring forth the era of the fearsome DARK LORD, ESU ELEGBARA.